Our Approach

shoreside architects has been set up to ensure the full requirements and expectations of our clients are met and where possible exceeded. Difficult sites have featured significantly in past commissions, where planning constraints, site features, political involvement or local opposition has required us to develop a number of solutions to unlock constrained sites. Imaginative and creative design applied to both concept and detail provide a legacy to our clients and enhance a building’s long-term value. We have a track record of maintaining programmes, meeting deadlines and managing the design team to support this.


At shoresidearchitects we believe that in striving to create successful buildings it is important to establish strong relationships with committed clients and consultants who have a common aim and understanding of the value of architecture and good design. The best buildings are made when a clear concept is extended through to the construction and fabrication details and so we view the process in a holistic way, giving attention to detail and value to the role of the craftsman.


Architecture is the creation of space, both internal and external, whether by constructing new buildings, the enhancement of existing buildings or a combination of the two, whatever the scale of a project we aim to provide appropriate design solutions that will make our spaces distinctive and memorable as well as achieving high quality standards. We apply our design approach to projects across the board including Residential development, design schemes within town centres, conservation areas etc. . will provide you with much more than just the drawings for your new building or alteration. Successful project needs the client to be fully involved in creating a totally tailored solution for your needs.


We have the experience to see your project safely through to completion:- overseeing the design, the planning and building regulations, the contractor and your budget. We will manage any or all parts of the design and construction process, helping you to define your objectives, identify the risks and work with you to develop a design that will interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment, help to secure the necessary approvals, manage the construction phase by helping you to select suitable builders, obtaining competitive prices for construction, monitoring progress, standards and safety on-site, arranging the input of other design specialists, and overseeing the co-ordination of the construction through to its successful completion.


In order to achieve this we apply careful site analysis, intelligent and inventive design to create an efficient and effective use of the site. We have developed a comprehensive understanding of the principles and processes of developing sustainable homes. Best value for money is our aim when designing a scheme, whole life Assessment techniques have been associated with sustainable design in terms of the evaluation of long term investment and achieving best value